Wednesday, March 29, 2017


My hearts

This time around is much different, in a good way. I feel much better about my moming.  I feel like it's my second chance to be a mom, to improve upon all the things I messed up and to savor the phases I wished away with Tae. I am calmer and enjoying the moments more. I am soaking up everything--the good, the bad, the ugly.  Mostly it's all good.  Things have gone so well, I am incredibly thankful for our support system that made going from one to two a smooth transition. Tae is just the best big brother, he loves Elea so much.  The way he says her name just melts my heart.  Elea is a tough little sister, she has put up with accidental kicks, open mouth kisses from Tae, and the constant noise that a 2 year old brings with him. 

Curious big brother 

She is a much calmer baby than Tae ever was, I think that is because we are more relaxed as parents.  I know this time around that she will cry for unknown reasons and that all I can do is comfort her. There's nothing I did/didn't do to make her cry, it's just what babies do.  Last time with Tae I would get stressed out and in turn I stressed him out, making him cry more and louder. Cue the cycle of crying on his end and my end.  This time we are all happier.  Although, funny when we first brought Elea home and she would cry Tae would start crying too.  He was sad she was crying, thank goodness that didn't last long!  

Free Hugs 

I'm still learning how to give each one the time they need.  Tae is so patient when I am with Elea, at first I felt bad, but then I realized this is life and he needs to learn to wait.  Also, having the amazing Keila helps too because she takes him and he gets lots of fun attention from her.  Elea also has to learn to be patient because there are times that Tae takes priority and she just has to wait or actually be put down and not held (God forbid!). I have to prioritize or multitask to give each the attention they need.  I've gotten pretty good at holding Elea and playing with Tae one handed.

A little nap in the MamaRoo 

Happy girl! 

Sleeping in her crib! 

I'm cherishing the one on one time with Tae so much.  He is such a fun kid.  We could sit and play all day and I wouldn't get tired of him.  Right now he is totally into cars, so we sit and "drive around" his little town and make all the car noises we can.  He also loves to paint/color, so we have given Casa de Tae multiple renovations and design makeovers with crayons.  We also like to sit outside and watch all the cars go by, this is a favorite of mine as the weather is cooling down and I can actually sit on a chair and not the floor (by the way when did I get so old!). I feel like maternity leave is a gift to bond with him, as well as Elea.  I didn't realize how much I missed him throughout the day until I got to spend all day with him.

Snuggles are the best 

Feeding his animals breakfast

Coloring with my little man 

Finally, another thing I'm learning to embrace as a mom of two is me time. I don't think I left Tae for the first 3 months of his life, but this time around I need it.  I need to unwind or relax, so that I can be a better mom.  It comes in all forms--quiet time, lettering, blogging,Netflix, massage, manicure, dates with Jess, dinner with friends, playdates--basically adult time. I love my kiddos, but I also love my sanity.  I used to fight it because I felt selfish, but now I embrace it because it does help me. I either get up earlier so I can squeeze some alone time in or stay up a little after I put Elea down, but I try to make sure it happens.  I actually write it in my planner and check it off, it makes me feel productive to look back on what I accomplished that week. On that note I am super thankful for Jess and his support of my me time. He is the one who encouraged me to get a massage or a manicure.  He's a keeper for sure!

Date night with the Josephs

A playdate with my friend Ju and her daughter Sabrina--win win

Getting my practice in 

A piece I finished during naptime 

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