Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Sunday Trip to the Market in São Paulo

Every market in Brazil is different, but one similarity between all of them is the intricate displays of fruit and vegetables.  The OCD part of me loves it, but the practical part thinks what a waste of time.  

Sunday we took a quick trip to São Paulo to get some lunch and check out the market.  The craziness and amount of people of this market pales in comparison to any Chinese  Asian market, but the organization and cleanliness trumps them by far.   

I don't know why I wasn't born in Brazil, I belong in a country that loves olives, fruit, bread, sausage, and cheese. I guess that's why I'm here.  

Check out them olives...

I love how efficient they are with space...hanging ketchup, mustard, and other condiments!  

Dried foods are big here...nuts, fruit, fish, etc...

The market is so chill, many families or couples were just enjoying a beer or sandwich in the middle of the aisles.  The stain glass windows are beautiful (although my mom could do them better!) and the architecture is breath-taking.  

My Daily View

Have you ever stopped and been in complete awe of the beautiful colors in the sky? 

 It's one of my favorite parts of creation.  Jess calls the pink color in the picture below "Meggo's Pink" because I love it so much.  We worship an amazing God full of creativity and love.  

I love this verse because it's so reassuring and uplifting. No matter what I did or how bad I messed up yesterday, He still loves me TODAY and will forever.  Isn't that the most amazing thing ever?  

Thank you Jesus for your faithfulness and reminding us of it everyday by the sky.  

Happy Wednesday everyone!  We have off tomorrow and only 2 more weeks of school! Yippee!  

Monday, May 13, 2013

Saturday in São Paulo

What's not to love about this weekend?  

Friday night after a long week at school I took my man to see Iron Man 3, it was entertaining and I must have asked Jess a hundred questions during the movie. Who can keep up with Iron Man, Captain Planet, Thorn, and all the other super heros?  

Saturday it was up bright and early for a fun day in the city.  We went to the Latin America Memorial,  Soccer Memorial, Resistance Memorial (a little sad, but eye opening), had a great meal at a random little place, and lastly stopped flower stands.  

And in no particular order at all I give you the weekend...
 I die...look at these flowers.  
Traditional Feijoada = delish
 The soccer museum winds underneath the stadium seats, São Paulo might just have the most creative street art I've ever seen, a hand representing the workers and resistance. 
 The Latin America exhibit had this amazing map depicting the whole continent you could walk over and boys will be boys. 
 Awesome artwork
A little bumble bee and some pretty tulips 

Saturday night we went to Casa Rio for Marcos's birthday.  I love samba and am determined how to learn it, the only problem is everyone seems to have their own steps so it changes each time I step on the floor! 
 Blue Steele Meggo, Samba bands, moi, and Blue Steele Jess.  Dang that man is sexy! 

Sunday we were lazy/productive and grabber lunch at Duo, our favorite little Italian place around the corner.  

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

My Top 10

With a little over a month left in my first year teaching in Brazil I thought it would be who of me to write down reflections. So in an attempt to be David Letterman...

Monday, May 6, 2013

Sunday Funday: Vila Antiga

Yesterday we explored a little outside of Campinas by going to lunch at Vila Antiga  with a group of friends.  The place reminded me a lot of Colonial Williamsburg, with little exhibits on how "old time" Brazil was.  The entire farm "(and restaurant) were built using old material from Campinas.   
It was a stunning day, God was showing off with the beautiful sky and weather.  I can get used to this fall weather, at a comfortable 75 degrees.   It was such a charming place with gorgeous views.  We followed our tour with an incredible lunch cooked in the traditional Brazilian way--wood burning stoves.  
 We walked around and explored.  Let's just say I don't think I would have liked living in the old days, it was a lot of work!
 This place is known for making cachaça.  Jess and David tasted a glass of it and were feeling good. :)  Call my crazy, but I don't like straight alcohol, so I enjoyed a nice refreshing caipirinha.