Thursday, December 31, 2015



Spent New Years on Copacabana with my love.
Trekked it up to see the Christ Redeemer 

We moved into our new place, but sadly I don't have pictures. 


We became parents!


Celebrated Easter with Grammy, Poppy, and Tae.

Lots of napping and figuring out this whole parent thing

Tae's first boat ride

Celebrated my mom and my first mother's day 

Spent time at Grammy and Poppy's 
Hung out with some MDH girls (and their kids!) 
Watched and celebrated Jaime and Pat's marriage 
Met (some of) the cousins in Northern Virginia


Explored Chicago 

Celebrated Kara's marriage to her soulmate, Mark.
Flew to Colorado and met cousin Grace.
Had a family cookout and got some 5 generation pictures. 
Met up with friends from kindergarten 
Got lots of love from the grands 
Captivated Grandma Tutu 

Spent lots of sissy time and TnT time 
Cousins at the Lake House

Jess graduated with his Masters in Administration 


Flew back to Brazil as a family. 
Ended maternity leave.
First time putting toes in the sand in Riviera.

New date nights.

First food--avocado.

Won the Halloween contest at school

Spent Thanksgiving with great friends in Uba Tuba.
Headed to Campos do Jordao for some R and R
Met Santa 
Back to Rio (this time sun!) 

Christmas Eve with the Herreras 
It was a great year, we can't wait to see what 2016 has in store. 

Sunday, December 27, 2015


We spent Christmas Eve with our good friends, the Herreras. Their daughters were in town and they welcomed us in with open arms.  We helped prepare their traditional tamales on Christmas Eve morning.  It's so fun to experience other people's traditions, this is one we might have to pick up.
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After making the tamales we stayed for an impromptu lunch. Tae absolutely loves Steve, and I think it's safe to say the feeling is mutual.  Tae made himself at home and crawled all around (but not too close to the tree), he even "played the piano" with Steve.

We returned for dinner that evening.  Before coming I was in a funk because I couldn't find anything Christmasy to wear that I liked and I didn't sweat in. I still haven't completely gotten used to Christmas in summer. After turning our closet into a tornado we made it to the Herreras and I instantly felt at home.  Bridget even went as far as emailing my mom for a recipe of my favorite Christmas cookies.  

When the rest of the group arrived we played Candy Share, named after Bridget's sister and her brilliant idea.  We all brought a gift that represented us and they were put into the middle with numbers on them.  Then we all drew numbers and got the corresponding present.  Before opening the present the giver had to explain why it represented them.  It was such a fun game, I will definitely introduce it at future parties.  For my gift I gave an adult coloring book and colored pencils, the reasoning was because I always remember crafting with my mom.  Most of the fun memories I have of my mom and me revolve around something creative.

Tae was a big ham and loved hanging out.  He also was spoiled by everyone.  He got presents, a stocking, and lots of cuddles. Seriously, our friends are pretty great.  They treat him as their own and I am so incredibly thankful for that.

We enjoyed an amazingly delicious dinner and then unfortunately had to head out early because our little guy didn't want to sleep.  We did wake up Christmas morning and play with all his toys.  I say we because I liked his toys just as much as he did.

Christmas was really low key, with a walk around the neighborhood, reading the Christmas story in Luke, eggs Benedict cooked by Jess, some naps taken by all, and just enjoying family time.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015


Our year has had so much more joy and love (and sleepless nights) than we ever could have imagined with this little guy in it.  
Thanks the the currency here tanking we decided not to go home this Christmas, it was a tough decision, but we it was the right one for our little family.  Instead we are doing some traveling in beautiful Brazil.  We just got back from 4 days in Rio, then we will head to the mountains for a few days, and finally we will go to Praia de Forte in the state of Bahia. While I am pumped for some family time in nature and the sun, a piece of my heart is at home with my family.  Right now we will focus on starting some of our own family traditions and look forward to a brief visit home in April. Hug your families extra tight and enjoy celebrating Jesus, our King!