Saturday, September 2, 2017


Our first week here the school provided childcare at school so we could focus in our meetings.  Tae didn't do too well, he knew we were in the room next door so would cry loudly (anyone who knows him knows how LOUD this is) and then they would bring him to me.  At the end of our session I held him and asked what was wrong. His reply, "People."

When Elea starts to cry he runs over to her and says, "It's okay Elea. Don't cry."

Anytime we see a new person Tae says, "Ni hao!" (hello) or "Xie xie" (thank you) with a big old smile on his face.

Monday, August 21, 2017


Tae started school on Thursday, but since it was a staggered start his official first day with everyone wasn't until Monday. Try explaining that to a two year old.  He loved school so much on Thursday he didn't understand why he had to wait until Monday to go.

Our little guy is growing up so fast. He was so happy to "go work with mommy and daddy" and made himself at home in my classroom before Jess took him to his class. Since my students come when it is drop off time Jess drops him off at his class.  Jess said he didn't even cry, just gave him a kiss goodbye and walked right in. I know I should be proud and glad we don't have to deal with the separation tears, but man I thought he would at least miss us a little.

He loves his teacher and we love all the updates we get.  She sends pictures throughout the day and then also shares a iphoto stream with us. He talks about his friends when we get home and even prayed for some of them the other night.  Melt. My. Heart.