Wednesday, August 16, 2017


August 12, 2017 

 Height: ?? inches
Weight:?? pounds

  • Rolling everywhere
  • Playing with her tongue 
  • Making a motorboat sound with her moth
  • Doing supermans on her tummy (core strength!) 
  • The pool and being in the water 
  • Grabbing, eating, and playing with her feet 
  • Sitting up 

  • Still likes...
  • Laughing at her brother 
  • Tummy time 
  • Nursing 
  • Baths!  
  • Mornings
  • Sucking her hands/fingers 
  • Turning to her left side 
  • Squealing, talking, and cooing 
  • Standing (with assistance) 
  • Pacifier before she goes to sleep 
  • Walks in the stroller

  • When Tae takes things from her 
  • Facing inward when you hold her 
  • Being frustrated

  • Is able to self-sooth (most of the time) 
  • Out of the sleepsuit 
  • Naps pretty well, has been napping in the carrier a lot with the move to China 

  • Still...
  • loves to be held while she sleeps (who am I kidding...I love it too!) 
  • Pretty much sleeps through the night (7ish-7ish), only to wake up for feedings 

  • Right before she turned 6 months she had a bottle and formula for the first time 
  • Sucked/gnawed a red pepper and celery
  • On a much more consistent schedule...nursing every three hours   
  • "Dreamfeeds" once during the night
  • With the move she is nursing much more during the night 

Favorite Moments: 
  • This month was the first time she has purposefully laughed at Tae.  He can really get her going by jumping in front of her or just getting in her face.  You can see the love she has for him (and vice versa) in the way they look at each other.  
  • Introducing her to family and friends.  She met so many people and was so calm and happy.   

  • Met Mimi and Fafa, Uncle Benn, Aunt Hyesuk, and Grace 
  • Time (actually) jumping in the jumper 
  • Attempts at crawling 
  • Food (gnawed on a slice of red pepper)  
  • Time in China  
  • Taking a bottle and having formula 

Mommy Thoughts: 
This month was a big one for our sweet girl. She met more family, sat up independently, and we moved across the world.  She is such a calm and happy baby, which made the whole move quite easy.  She made some big adaptions this month--me going back to work, taking a bottle, and having formula during the day.  She is starting to show her personality.  She definitely is a tough one, Tae (lovingly) treats her like a rag doll and she holds her own.  She recently started pulling his hair in return!  Also, she has taken all this change like a champ. I think it was harder for me to leave her than it was for her.

Each day with her is truly a blessing. Being back at work I savor every second I get with her. Nursing is one of my favorite times because it's just me and her.  She is so smiley and happy when we walk around, go out to eat, or hang out at new friends' apartments, so I enjoy some quality cuddles and alone time with her. 

Wednesday, July 26, 2017


Lately Tae has been saying some pretty funny things, and I don't want to forget them.  I'm going to TRY and remember to jot down things he says periodically in Tae Talks...

Jess always gives Tae a countdown until bedtime (10 minutes and then 5 minutes).  He must be getting the hang of it because the other day I said I was going to put Elea down for a nap soon he walked up to her and told her, "Five minutes Elea." with his hand up.

My parents' have a dinner farm bell that he has wanted to hit for awhile.  I told him it is too loud to do in the house so we could do it outside. After he rang the bell he yelled, "Acorde people!"  Acorde is Portuguese for wake up.  I died laughing.  

Elea started to cry in the car and Tae looked at her and told her, "Stop cry. Dry your eyes Elea." I guess he's heard me say it a few times to him. 

Tae and I were sitting on the back porch and I put my hands behind my head in the lounge chair and said, "This is the life." to myself.  The next thing I know, Tae is mimicking me with his hands behind his head and saying, "This is the life."  Right you are my son, right you are. 

Photo Cred: Joshua and Aaron Photography