Saturday, June 12, 2010

Jin Shi Tan

On Tuesday we went on a study trip to see the different landforms in our area. We went on a hike, to a rock park, ate lunch at a park, and walked along the coast. It was a great day and made me reflect on how happy I am to be here and how much I love my students, school, and job. My students are amazing, we had so much fun together. The hike was pretty hard and it was a very hot day. The kids had fun and didn't complain at all. I had flashbacks of my Great Wall marathon training...ugh.

If you look closely you can see our school, track, and to the right our apartments.

They call this "Dinosaur Drinking Water"...pretty cool

Being silly...we climbed like 40 feet up
I also realized that I don't get out around our bubble enough. I bought a bike last weekend and my goal is to get out and explore more. This morning Kara and I rode to the market on our bikes. It was fun, even though it was raining. We ate breakfast at this little place, Susan's, and then headed to the market. At the market I decided to buy a watermelon to make watermelon in my awesome new juicer. On the way back I was wondering why I did because it weighed me down in my backpack. I also rode the whole way with the seat down to low. I made it back and Paulita and Adam were like why didn't you just move it this? Duh Megan...oh well now it is better for the next time we go riding.

And for your viewing pleasure...more Chinglish

Saturday, June 5, 2010


Before we left we took a quick trip to the dirt market in Beijing to get some artwork. I love my painting I got, it's at the framers now. I'll post pictures when I get it back. The dirt market is similar to a flea market, but with cooler stuff. It can be a bit intimidating, but so fun.