Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Dear Self

Dear Self,

In five short days you will take a trip that will change your life. You will be nervous, not only about the unknown laid before you but about missing your amazing family and friends, don't let the nervousness dishearten you. God has given you this opportunity and will change your life with it. Take chances, travel and see the world through others eyes, inspire your students, and reach out of your comfort zone. Don't spend your time wondering how life in the states is going on without you, instead make the best of your moments in your new surroundings. Whenever you are lonely or things seem daunting lean on God, talk to Him daily and let Him become your rock. Stick by your morals and go back to the basics. God is giving you this opportunity to draw closer to Him in the midst of a new culture and world. Don't waste your time with meaningless things, use every minute to improve yourself. Do things you never thought you would do, taste foods you think look disgusting, read books you would never even pick up, and talk with the people of the land. This experience will change your life, don't take it for granted.

In your classroom challenge your students. Form a relationship with them and their families, they will probably help you more than you help them. Learn their stories and their background, and share yours. Push them more than they think they can go. Take notes and observe how the education is across the world, they are obviously doing something right. Don't turn down an opportunity to try a new technique. Be a sponge and soak it all up.

These two years will be sure to change your life. Live them in a way you can look back and smile. It will have its ups and downs, but focus on the journey. Enjoy the ride.

Megan 2009

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Countdown begins...

Three weeks from today (well technically yesterday) I will be boarding a plane and on my way to Dalian. I am so excited, it is really starting to hit me now. I will be busy from now until when I leave. I still have a couple things to do in order to be completely ready. I ordered some luggage from L.L. Bean that should be here soon. I am hoping to pack well and only bring the two big bags and another on the plane. If I get there and realize I don't have everything I am sure my loving parents will ship me the things I need. I am making a trip up to DC to bring my final paperwork to the Embassy. After that it is official!

It is finally hitting me that I will be leaving a place so familiar and going to a new and opposite culture. There will be many things I will miss about America and even South Carolina, but I am excited to see the world through another culture. I am sure it will lead me to appreciate our country even more, but also will stretch me in so many ways.

Today I was getting so excited as I started to plan for the school year. I found some books I am going to get for read alouds. I am making plans with my teacher friends here to do projects with their students. I am excited to get to teach students that are highly motivated. I also was looking at the travel site that Asia uses and it is so cheap to go to different places such as Sydney, Hong Kong, etc. I will definitely be traveling. Amanda also called last night and told me she is going to come visit!!! That's it for today, just wanted to say hi.