Thursday, December 13, 2012

Is it really December? Are We There Yet?

This seems like it has been the longest two weeks in my life.  We are headed home for Christmas on December 20th and I think time has stopped, or maybe it has just melted and died down here in Brazil.  Y'all it is so hot!  I think it seems way hotter for a multitude of reasons, but mainly because there isn't central air in our apartment. Let's just say I love me some fans.
The hot finger
For some odd reason I don't think I would be as hot if this was happening during "my summer" (June-August), but the whole warm in December thing is throwing me off, it doesn't feel like Christmas is gonna be happening anytime soon.  But alas, I guess the world doesn't revolve around me and our seasons will continue to change as we do this international gig with each post.  Please don't misunderstand this as complaining.  I would much rather be sitting in a hotbox than freezing my bum off in the cold weather from China.  It just feels a little weird to me.

Not only am I super ready to get home, this being Jess and my first "Married" Christmas together makes it even more stellar. It suddenly hit me that although this is our first married Christmas, the whole spending Christmas together thing isn't brand fact this is going to be our third Christmas together.  But this Christmas is our first one as a married couple and I cannot wait to spend it with him and my family (and then his wonderful family for a post-Christmas celebration in Denver).  It's going to be a crazy trip back to the States, but I'm learning that I love craziness.  I'm embracing it.  Watch out South Carolina, Georgia, and Colorado here the Kuemmerlins come!

We should be used to the heat since we spent the last two Christmases in warm weather.  Looking back at Christmases past makes me so thankful for being able to travel.  I love getting to see God's world and meet wonderful people along the way.  In 2010 we spent Christmas on the beaches of Vietnam with our friends Brandon and Michelle.  2011 was very special because we got to spend it with our Thai family, Baan Santisuk.  Christmas morning was even more meaningful as Jess got baptized in the ocean.  

Pardon the rambling...I think my brain is melting. 

Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Truth 365: Raising Awareness of Childhood Cancer

While we don't have any kids yet, I couldn't help but ugly cry face cry through this video. I can't even imagine going through what these kids have been through or to be a family member and be so helpless. It literally broke my heart.  

This is the third time in a week I have read about some form of child cancer.  First Erin's blog, then Katie's blog, and now this.  I think it is a sign.  I know I don't have many followers on this little ole blog, but I couldn't sit back and do nothing.  So please pull up a seat and watch this moving video and then do something...pass it on, pledge, or get your reps to sign the petition.  We can't stand around and do nothing for the innocent.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

November Goals Update and Christmas Cards

Okay I legitimately feel like a real adult now.  Why?  
Living in a foreign country...nope.  
Ordered my first set of Christmas cards...YES SIR!  

I love them.  Now if they would just address themselves. :)  

November Goals Update...

1. 2. Order Christmas/Thank You Cards.   Check...see above.

2. 1. Take photo for Christmas/Thank You Cards. Check...of course I decided to use our wedding pictures, once in a lifetime right?

3. Make mom and dad's and Jess's parents Christmas presents.  Let's just say they will be wedding's not every year we can use this to our advantage!  Check

4. Do some DIY projects around the house...I've been collecting bottles since we got here.  I think any of these via Pinterest would be appropriate and doable.  Check

5. Pray for Jess each day.  Half-Check...I did, but didn't complete the book, The Power of a Praying Wife. Next month I want to finish it!

6. Exercise at least 4 times a week.  Nope...started, but not 4 times.

7. Plan a critical literacy/digital literacy unit for my students.  Might as well put these Master courses to work.    Check, they are loving it!

8. Do one random act of kindness a day and keep track of them.  Nope :(

9. Take more walks, with Jess.  Nope, but we spent a lot of good QT together.

10.  Drink more water and less Caipirinhas Check

11. Study Portuguese more and practice daily with students/locals.  Fail.

12. Take more pictures. Check.

13. Start Jess's Christmas present.  We are making each other something this year. Check and I ordered his too.  He's going to love it! 

14. Be a better Betty I didn't realize how hard this would be. least in my book I was.

15. Start a Bible study. Nope. I bought a new one to do and met a girl from America at a Thanksgiving dinner that I think will be a great connection. 

16. Wash my face every night...hey I'm just keeping it real. I think I only missed one or two. 

I feel like I was pretty successful with my goals.  Thanks Shalynn for the great idea.  Next up...December goals.