Monday, March 28, 2016


He saved us not because of the good things, we did but because of his mercy. Titus 3:5 

My guys 
Play me a song Piano Man
Attempt #1925 
Family Picture Attempy #38674
My little monkey 

He won't stay still enough to get a picture in focus 

Tuesday, March 22, 2016


Tae's party was a hit, we honestly played it pretty low key. We had some guys from our favorite pizza joint make sandwiches and I hired someone for the sweets table. Since his birthday is right after St. Patrick's Day and most of our friends are sans kiddos we decided to throw a joint Tae's 1st birthday party/St. Paddy's Day party.  I think it's safe to say everyone had fun. 

The cake table, missing the cake.  It was too hot to put it out. 

Sandwich man.

Josh, Gabi, and Jess 

More sweets 

Pushing Gabi's babydoll 

Tae and Sabrina are 2 weeks apart

He loved his party because he basically ate bread the whole time

Walking with mama's help 

Tae LOVES Aunt Anne 

Keila, Tae, and me 

He wasn't too fond of the cake, both the taste and the texture 

We survived a year! 

Mom, why do you like this sugar stuff so much?


It's my party and I'll cry if I want to. 

Saturday, March 19, 2016


12 Months 
March 19, 2015 

Height: 79 centimeters (30.8 inches) 
Weight: 9.565 kilos (21 pounds)

  • Playing on the balcony, he's figured out how to open and close the screendoor
  • Anything thrill seeking (playing tag, jumping, climbing on coffee tables) 
  • Drinking out of mommy's cup 
  • Playing with our belly buttons 
  • Play "I'm gonna get you!" 
  • Running with daddy in circles 
  • Handing toys to us 
  • Clapping for himself 
  • Reading books 
  • Turning "on" daddy's cellphone 
  • Pushing the buttons in the Elevator 
  • Watching Mickey Mouse Club, Galinha Pintadinha, Daniel the Tiger 
  • Music 

  • Changing his diaper in the morning 
  • Not getting his way 
  • Getting back in his stroller after he's been out at a restaurant or the park 

  • Stood up on his own 
  • Took a few (2-3) steps on his own  
  • Points at things 
  • Has 8 teeth, 4 on the top and 4 on the bottom 

  • Soothes himself to sleep 
  • Sleeps pretty well (praise God) 
  • Still takes 2 (1.5 or 2 hour) naps 
  • Gets a bath and reads books before bed 

  • Still loves bread 
  • Introduced to Goldfish 
  • Knows when he is full (note to mom don't try to feed him more or he will puke on you)
  • Eats cereal with fruit first thing in the morning 
  • Thinks its the funniest thing ever to throw things off the highchair 

Favorite Moments: 
  • Watching him stand up and look around not knowing what to do 
  • Coming in the door from work every day
  • Playdates and watching him interact with other kids 
  • Watching Jess play with and read to him

Pics to Remember: 

Action Shots: 


My sweet boy,

As I sit down to write this letter to you I am struggling to put into words how much we love you. Our world and hearts were wrecked wide open and all because of you. You made us a family. God knew you were coming all along, we just had to be patient. We prayed for you since your angel sister/brother went to be with the Lord. Although we prayed for you and hoped to become a family, we truly had no idea what this first year would hold.  

As we approach your first birthday, I hold you tighter and a little longer to listen to you breath and feel your heartbeat against mine. We used to share one beat, but just like everything else you have outgrown that need. You still breastfeed before bed and I look forward to this sacred moment in my day.

Your first year flew by, it seems like yesterday that we were stumbling through parenthood (still are), staring at you staring at us. Now you are constantly on the go and we are learning to be better parents as we chase follow along behind you.

Your joy and happiness are contagious. You are such a happy boy and always have a smile on your face. I love how you get dimples high up on your cheeks when you smile. Your belly laugh warms my soul. When you get super excited you breath fast and move even faster. You are popular with everyone around the neighborhood, they all flock to you when we are on walks or errands.

Watching you grow and learn new things each and every day has been one of the best parts of being your mom. I get to relive life and see it through your eyes, where everything is new and exciting. You love to explore and once you find something you like, you stick to it for awhile (okay forever). I am still in awe of how fast you change, it’s so hard to look back and remember when you were just a little blob of a nugget that didn’t move, babble, or react to anything we did. I know soon I will have a hard time remembering the stage you are in now, wobbling all around learning to walk or the sweet sound of your voice as you say “ba ba ba”. I truly cherish every moment with you.

Being your mom is the hardest, but most amazing things I have ever had the opportunity to do. It has brought me to me knees and raised me up higher than I’ve ever felt before. We had some rough days (especially in the beginning) and all it took from you was one little smile, or laugh, or you clapping for me to forget all the bad and remember all the amazingness you bring to our lives. I couldn’t have made it this far without your daddy, he is such a special man. You are so blessed to have him to look up to, I know he will teach you how to spread your love and joy to this big beautiful world.

One of my favorite things you brought along with you is showing me a bigger glimpse of God’s love. I understand God’s love, patience, grace, and discipline more by being your mommy than I ever did before. Most importantly, I feel the beauty of your grace for God to send Jesus to die for us how much does that mean he loves us, I don’t think I could even do that.  I pray that you feel and know God’s love for all of your life.

You are a joy to us. We adore you and pray that you feel our love every second of every day. Thank you for all the laughs, tears, challenges, successes, and overall fun you have given us.  We love you Tae Tae.

Love always,


Friday, March 18, 2016


Grammy and mama in Paraty (you had been living in my belly for 5 months) 

Dear Tae,

HAPPY FIRST BIRTHDAY!!! Congratulations, you have made your first trip around the sun. We hope and pray that you have many, many more.

You are a joy to all. What an amazing gift God created in you, just for our family. Each day of your life is precious to us. Your alluring smile, funny faces, sweet baby sounds and glorious hugs are all wondrous parts of your contributions to your family's daily life. Each day with you has been special.

You have changed your Mom and Dad's lives forever. They rejoice in having a son who has opened new horizons in their world. We as grandparents are so thankful for the gift of your life to our family. From the first time that we held you, we fell completely in love you --- your uniqueness, and sweet little face. The faces of your Mom and Dad when they introduced you to us, and the world, reflected an unending love and pride that can only be found between parents and their children.

You are truly a gift from God. Having Megan and Jess – your amazing parents – become a Mommy and Daddy is, and will always be, one of the blessings we are most thankful. Because of you, little guy, our lives, and their lives, are fuller, richer and more rewarding.

We humbly pray that you keep growing strong in the Lord, learning life's lesson, and filling our hearts with LOVE and that someday you will find the Lord Jesus Christ as your Saviour.

In HIS precious love,

Grammy and Poppy

Grammy taking in all of you

Easter lunch during Grammy and Poppy's visit 

Right before Grammy and Poppy headed home 

Playing at the park 

Chilling with Grammy 

You loved taking naps on Poppy 


Dear Tae,

Happy First Birthday!  I am so happy that you are a healthy, happy boy who has been blessed with great parents.  May you always know you are loved by many, including family and friends, be they near or far.

Fortunately today's technology has made keeping in touch more convenient so we see your ever changing smiles and antics weekly. We (Halapagee and I) are so thankful for that!

I love you and miss you and am looking forward to giving you some kisses and bear hugs this summer when you are in Colorado

Your Great Great Grandma Tutu is excited to hug you this summer also. She loves seeing the pictures and videos of you and is totally amazed when we FaceTime with you. Someday you will understand the advances in technology in her 96 years (and still going strong), from hauling water and no electricity to internet. I wonder what changes you will see in the next 96 years of your life??? Love Always,

XOXO Halmuni Ginger

Grandma Tutu loved holding you and chatting you up 

3 months old in Olathe 

5 generations 

Hangout out with Halmuni and Halapagee