Monday, March 28, 2011


Since I have come to China I have learned a lot about myself. While it has not always been fun going through the growing pains, at the end I am much better and happier because of them. One major thing I have learned is that I am an all or nothing girl. This can be good, but also bad. My relationships show it...I am loyal almost to a fault. My eating shows it...if it's good I will keep eating (nothing wrong with eating the whole sleeve of Oreos...right?). My working out shows it...I go hard in workouts or don't work out at all. My quiet time shows it...I am either fully engaged in it or totally disconnected. Basically in everything I live out the motto, "go hard or go home." This wouldn't be a bad thing, except mostly I am going hard on the wrong food, not working out, etc.

I want to learn to live my life in moderation. Particularly my eating habits. I think since coming here I have let myself eat more than I would in the States because I don't know when the next time I will get good food will be. It has become a comfort to eat a bag of Reese's Pieces. I'll be the first to admit, that is not a good state of mind. So starting this week I am going to moderate what I eat. And because the universe is funny, this week is teachers appreciation week with food galore. I know I can do it and I'm going to. I just need to realize that if I do over indulge not to give up and continue to binge. I need to get back on and continue my quest for moderation.

So to help me I am going to blog about it once a week to keep me accountable. This morning for the teacher breakfast I was really good, got a couple yummy (fatty) things, but didn't go too crazy. I even saved some for a snack instead of cramming it down my mouth. I am also trying to drink water only. So far so good! I feel much better than depending on coke and juices.

So a funny story for my family...Last night Jess and I worked out. I was brought back to when Katie and I would work out for basketball and it would end with me throwing the basketball with no aim because I was angry. I may or may not have gotten mad at Jess when he changed the workout to make it harder. After he made the comment that I must have been awful to coach. I told him quite the opposite, I was always coachable, just not by people close to me. Why is that? Don't ask me, thankfully I never had a parent, sibling, or boyfriend coaching me. :)

Okay I know this post was totally random, I just wanted to get it down and keep myself accountable. I want to lose 20 pounds before this summer...preferably before I go to Boracay so I don't look like a beached sea creature. :)

Monday, March 14, 2011

Hong Kong Visit

This past week I went to Hong Kong to take part of an accreditation visit. It was so much work, but I learned so much about school improvement, the process, and lots of good teaching ideas. This year has provided me with some amazing professional opportunities and I am so grateful for them. I have grown so much in my knowledge of schools. I can't wait to apply the things I learned. The pictures make it look like we just went and had fun, that is not the case. While we did have a blast getting to know each other and laughing in our deliriium, we spent countless hours working. These are the only pictures I took the whole week...pretty sad. I need to start taking pictures again.
Hong Kong at night...loved it
I think this is the IFC building...Angelia Jolie jumped off it in some movie
The cutest man ever serenading us at dinner
Our thankful to be a part of it.

Spring Festival

Happy Spring Festival (Three weeks late)

A local group of dragon dancers came to perform their dance for our school. It was fun and the kids enjoyed it. I especially enjoyed their colorful outfits with booties included. Darling!

Snow in March??!

Just when I thought it was beginning to look like spring, a couple of weeks ago it snowed! Something about that doesn't seem right to me, but instead of wishing for spring Jess and I went out to enjoy the snow. I hadn't played in the snow since college, I forgot how fun it was. I felt like a kid again, although we didn't last quite as long as we used to play. We had our share of fun with snow angels, races, snowball fights (picture Dumb and Dumber snow scene), and writing in the snow.
Snow sentences
Snow angels...please disregard me stellar outfit.
Snow angel...
Two happy snow angels :)