How We Met 

Megan's Story...
After the whirlwind of moving to a foreign country and meeting a million new people there was still an elusive person I had heard about, but had not yet met.  A group of us newbies came in together and were all talking, one guy, Brandon, kept talking about his roommate, Jess, and how much of a help it was to have a person here from last year.  Honestly I was a little jealous I didn't have that help. :)  
It was somewhere in the midst of the first week of my jet lag that I was sitting in the lobby of our apartment complex and this guy walked up and talked to whoever I was sitting with.  They introduced us and that was that. He had just come from working out and was all sweaty, I was glad I might have someone to workout with.  
All the younger teachers at our school hung out together, so we began hanging out.  Jess and I really hit it off and started to work out together, which lead to dinners, movies, and hikes.  He was different than any other guy I met, he had the ability to bring the best out of anyone around him, not lose himself and his beliefs in the midst of our crazy world in China, and was just simply a thoughtful guy.  
When the time came to begin planning our first trip my friend, Veronica, and I decided to head to Thailand with the guys (Jess and Brandon).  I'm forever grateful for taking that trip, we bonded and had the most amazing experiences together as friends.  I think that was the base of our friendship, spending hours talking about God, life, cultures, food, etc.  
Fast-forward to Chinese New Year and we were officially together.  :) 

Jess's Story...
Hmm.....The first time I met Megan was on the shopping bus. It was a Saturday morning and the bus was full with old and new teachers. I was about to put in my headphones to drown out the noise, when I hear "I will never marry a shorter man than me! My sister has a shorter husband, it works for them, but that will never happen to me." I turned around and saw Megan for the first time. Later as we got to know each other, I mentioned the story to her and a sly smirk appeared on her face. Little did she know that I was listening that day and that we would be together 6 months later.

Megan is...

...simply my other half. If I were to be Yin she would be my Yang. She is my complimentary opposite and together we complete each other. Everything that I do is intertwined with traces of her compassion, silliness, and wisdom. I am blessed to have her in my life and like day cannot exist with night, I could not exist without her.

Jess is...

I could use all the best adjectives to describe Jess, but simply put he is my soulmate.  He balances me out. He loves me for who I am and challenges me to be a better person. He is compassionate and positive and loves life, the Lord, his family and friends, and music to the fullest.  I am in awe daily of what a strong, yet sensitive man he is.  
Whether we are playing a game, riding on the bus, cooking dinner, watching a movie, traveling, working, or just hanging out he always makes me smile. He understands me and my quirky ways and still loves me. I cannot wait to spend the rest of our lives together.     

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