Sunday, April 25, 2010

Earth Day

I'm going to be honest with you, I don't think I have ever celebrated Earth Day before. Maybe when I was little we planted a tree or colored some pictures (just adding to the amount of trash) but I honestly can't remember. After Thursday I am asking myself why? Thursday was a really cool day. All week my class had been having discussion about our Earth and how to take care of it. On Thursday we watched a pretty enlightening video about how we are completely using our planet to its limits. Unless we start to change we won't have God's creation much longer. We watched a video about how much stuff we use and what happens to it. While I don't agree with all the political stuff she says, the facts are pretty scary and it really made me think.

Thursday afternoon our whole school participated in a clean up. Students walked around the school and picked up litter. We compiled it together and at the end they saw the difference they made. It was powerful. The students were proud of themselves and have promised to live a green life.

The pile of garbage we picked up in an hour

What are you doing to make our world better? It's as easy as taking shorter showers? Reusing plastic bags. Buying a water bottle instead of using plastic throw away bottles. Being aware of how much stuff we buy. We only have one world, don't trash it.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Catch Up

This past week went by so fast, probably because we only had 3 days of school. We had Monday off for Tomb Sweeping Day and Friday off for Parent conferences. Conferences went great, all my parents showed up and are all super supportive. Sometimes I have to pinch myself to believe this is my job.

I'm still training for the 1/2 marathon that is on May 15th. I'm excited/nervous about it. We did stairs the other day to prepare and I was dying. Not only is it a 1/2 marathon there are 2,000 uneven steps to get up as well. I picked a great first 1/2er!

I don't have much else to post...the things that used to be abnormal are now routine. I don't think wince when riding in taxis anymore, look back when I hear someone hock a loogie, or stare at the crazy hair and eyelashes the girls have. Life is good and I am blessed.

Oh yea, I won the bracket pool I was in. Way to go Dukies!!!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Market buys

Just got back from my Saturday morning trip to the market...I got all this for less than $15 USD. I also got 8 chicken breast, but didn't want to put them in the picture and have to clean my table off. I'm excited for the fresh mangoes again!!! (sorry the picture is dark, I just took it quickly)