Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Uncle Jess and Aunt Megan (x10)

The spring fall in Brazil has brought Jess and me lots of blessings, in terms of one more niece and one more nephew.  


 Grace Kuemmerlin


 Justin Campbell 

Justin even got in on the Google hangout...welcome to the chaos little burrito!  

I think Jess is loving the new additions because it distracts me from wanting some of our own.  Welcome to the family Grace and Justin, we can't wait to spoil you! 

Saturday, April 27, 2013

We Survived IlhaBela

Or I should say Ilhabela's bahaxudas (black flies).  This past week was springy breaky (in Portuguese) and we welcomed it with a four day trip to a beautiful Brazilian island. We were warned about the bugs and came armed with enough OFF for a village, but we lost to those little guys.  Jess has over 60 bites, I lucked out with only 20.  Even with the itchy bites the trip was perfect, a nice little getaway with lots of relaxing.

The view from our porch...not bad.

Lots of barzinhos along the beach...

I'll never get tired of my feet in the sand.

Beautiful nature. 

If you look closely you can see Jess and Marcos paddle boarding.  

Brazilians know how to serve a freezing cold beer.  

One night we (when I say that I mean Jess and Cory) bought some fresh lula (squid) and made calamari. BEFORE pic. 

AFTER pic.  This was the best calamari I've ever had, so fresh and well seasoned.  My baby can cook!

They also cooked a fish known to this region, it was delish as well. 

The rest of our springy breaky was spent doing Masters work, reading, hanging out, eating out, and just enjoying some time off. :)