Saturday, January 19, 2013

Speak to Me Saturday...

What's your favorite quote or verse? 

Friday, January 18, 2013

Going to the Chapel...

 My girl Katie Ro knows how to throw a party.  Her wedding was perfect and so her.  She glowing the whole night day.  It made my heart happy seeing her so happy.  Let me tell you she is so deserving of all the happiness God has planned for her. 

Not only was the wedding a success and full of love, I also got to see some old FU ballers.  It was so great to catch up and it was like nothing had changed since our days of "Black, white, red get it in your head...23, 32, never man to man".  I love this team!  

Thank you Katie for letting me be a part of your special day.  You were a beautiful bride and Jarrett is lucky to call you his.  You guys are perfect for each other, literally from your first step down the isle as a married couple.  Here's to many more years of "feeling good".
The bridemaids and lovely bride pre-ceremony

Toast to the bride
"I'm crying because I'm happy."

Made to be together

Some FU ladies

The hubs and me

so Katie Ro

FU always

Stunning I tell ya

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Stateside Recap: Family Fun at the Lake

We've been back in Brazil for almost a week now and I am finally over being sad about leaving my home, family, and friends.  It always happens, even though we live in an amazing place and the weather is perfect, it's still hard to leave loved ones.  There's something about being home for Christmas that is good for the soul.  I enjoyed every second of this trip and tried to be purposeful about how I spent my time.  It was great to laugh with most of my family, compete against each other (more on that next post), eat, talk, remember old times, eat,  and celebrate our Savior's birth at home. 
Without further galore (I know you couldn't hold your breath any longer...ha).

Matthew takes after his aunts and makes the infamous "poo poo face"

Whit Whit loves my dad so much, it's more cuteness than I can handle

Me and my love hanging out

Reading to the kiddos

That's better Matthew

Jumping on Grammy's lap is always fun.  (Sidenote: How come none of us got mores gorgeous baby blues?)

Whit and Aunt Dede

It's so tempting...

Amy, me, and Whitters

My wonderful parents

Hugs for brother


Reading the story of Jesus' birth with Poppy

I'm just checking on my babies, don't mind my cuteness

Give me...NO! Strong wills are the best kind!

Picture time...

But there's more behind the tree!
Silliness runs in our family

Vegging out

Obligatory picture in front of the tree

I think I surprised him with some Sur la Table

I made a wedding book for both sets of parents...I think they liked it :)
It was a blessing to get to come home for Christmas.  The whole reason we flew home in the first place was my best friend from FU got married and I couldn't miss being a part of her wedding day.  More on that next post.