Wednesday, September 21, 2016


Each week I try to have Tae finger paint a few times. Honestly he is more interested in stacking the paint jars or playing with the brushes.  When Jess got home from his massage I called him over to watch.  I painted Tae's palm with paint and he put it up against Jess' and he smiled. It was the cutest thing, but I didn't think much of it.  

The next day I was included in an email that was addressed to Tae from Jess.  It was the sweetest thing and brought a tear to my ear.  Here is what it said, 

"You wonderful mom was helping you paint and I was able to come in the tail end and see you in awe of the paint. You were goal was to paint a piece of paper, but more of it was getting on your body.

Mom showed you how to paint my hand and then I reached out to touch your hand and there was a moment where time slowed down and my eyes saw right through to your amazing and beautiful soul! We connected in that brief moment and it brought a tear to my eye, knowing you are a part of me and I am a part of you forever. 

Life is the accumulation of these small moments, and we must learn to slow down and be aware and present to such things. It does not matter their duration or size, as every moment is filled with amazing things."  

I love that man and am so thankful God gave me him.  He is such perfect blend of strength and sensitivity.  

Sunday, September 18, 2016


We had a joint churrasco celebration for Jess and Devon (5th grade teacher) at our place last weekend.  Fun was had by all and the weather was perfect.  Tae had a blast playing with the water table and running around with the other kiddos.  He was the only boy out of 7 kiddos.  By the end of the night the crowd dwindled down to a few and Tae got one on one time with Gabi!  They had a blast running around and tagging/giving hugs to eachother.  Also, at the end of the night we realized we hadn't snapped a picture yet.  
The flash was so bright, my guys didn't know what to do. 
Tae and Gabriela 
 On Wednesday Jess and I had dentist appointments.  We love our dentist, she is so sweet and kept asking to meet Tae.  She told us to bring him in and she would just check his teeth quickly.  Well, Tae was a fan of the toys in the waiting room, but not at all of the dentist.  I think he is starting to associate people in white with shots.  He screamed his head off at his last doctor's appointment too!

The calm before the storm.
He was not happy for the 1.5 minutes he laid back. 
 My favorite parts of the day are just hanging out with our little man.  He is always so engaged and trying to figure things out.  It's so fun to just watch him learn and play. Some of the things he loves right now: puzzles, reading books, lining objects up in lines (items from the fridge onto the floor), playing hide and seek, playing outside, going on walks, water (anytime and any place), surprising people (he puts his finger up to his mouth and says, "shhh" and walks "sneakily", jumping, and of course dancing!

Tinkering with something.
I had to sneak in a picture.
After some fun at the water table

We taught him how to hit glasses and say Cheers! 

Lately on our walks he has been doing squats every so often, normally when the sidewalk color or pattern changes.  

Thursday, September 8, 2016


Tae loves any remote (working or not)

Our little daredevil learned how to climb up on boxes...

and jump off...

Next he learned how to climb up onto the couch.

Finger painting is a new fav activity  
So many colors

The focus...

A rare moment of stillness

That smile....

One little announcement...

We are so excited!