Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Bump Post: Weeks 33-35

Well, only about a month left and we are so excited.  Lots has been going on around here-- moving into a new apartment, doctor appointments, work, preparing for Tae's arrival.  I've been feeling well, with the exception of my Fred Flinstone feet and some backaches.

How far along: 35 weeks 

Baby Size: A coconut, which is fitting seeing I can't get enough agua de coco

Weight gain: I think I have gained about 17-18 pounds total 

Maternity clothes: Mixing and matching maternity and non-maternity on top and definitely maternity on the bottom. I am relying on a lot of my loose fitting dresses.  It also helps that Brazilians don't mind showing off the belly when preggo, I am embracing that piece of the culture. 

Stretch marks: None on my tummy. 
Sleep: Up until a couple nights ago I was sleeping hard throughout the whole night. However, for some reason I have woken up the past two nights with my mind running rampant. I keep thinking of all I need to do and meeting our baby boy! 
Gender: Tae Tazwell Kuemmerlin 

Movement: He makes lots of slow sweeping moves.  I'm hoping that isn't a sign of his athletic ability. :) 

Best moment this week: Starting to work on his room.  Also, after reading about how he is developing Jess was talking to Tae in my belly.  I told Jess he hears high pitched noises, so Jess started talking in a high squeaky voice.  It made me laugh so hard.  Another bonus of this week was having the week off and getting to set up our new apartment. 

Looking forward to: A tour of the hospital and finishing his room. 

Food cravings: Agua com gas, agua de coco, sweets, and seaweed. 
  Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope, thankfully I feel great!  
Labor Signs: Nope
What I miss: I must say not being able to have a caiparinha during Carnaval felt anti-Brazillian. 
Symptoms: Fat Fred Flinstone feet and some lower back pain. 
Nursery: Started it...a sweet mom of a student I had my first year teaching is giving us a crib and changing table.  Also, someone is giving us a rocking chair.  Slowly but surely his room will come together. 

Belly Button in or out? Out, it is popping through shirts. 

Wedding rings on or off? I haven't been wearing them. I'm sure I could squeeze them on my sausages, but there's no use. I also have a pretty mean wedding band tan line from Rio.

Mood: Excited and trying to be patient.  God is already teaching me things about myself--one of them being patience.  I am so curious to see who Tae looks like, hug and kiss him, and just start our lives together.   

Prayer for Tae Tazwell: 
Dear Lord, 
        We can't wait to meet our little guy.  Thank you so much for such a smooth pregnancy and the calm and peace you have filled my heart with.  I pray for Tae during these last 5 weeks. I pray he continues to be healthy and develops all the necessary parts and functions he needs to.  I pray his ears and his hearing are strong and that his brain continues to make strong connections. I thank you for blessing us with a child that we can train up in your ways. Give us the courage, honestly, and faith to handle all the challenges and opportunities that will come with raising Tae.  
                                                           In Jesus' Name