Monday, October 31, 2011

I Couldn't Decide...Why Not Wear Them All?

Halloween in China is like nowhere else...okay maybe some other places, but none that I have experienced.  Growing up as a kid I liked Halloween, I mean what kid wouldn't.  You get to dress up and get a load of candy. In China I LOVE Halloween. I love seeing people go all out and how creative people are.  My favorites this year were Snap, Crackle, and Pop and a Chinese middle school girl (worn by a grown man of course). 

My family wasn't huge on Halloween, but what I did love is we always created our own costumes.  I don't remember ever buying a mask or anything.  Well here it is a little harder to make things (ie finding things and the stores that house them), but you can always have someone make them for you. So my friends...I had three costumes made this year.  I had so many I didn't even wear one.

Costume # 1 for school = Lucy


Costume # 2 for party = Jasmine (with my handsome Aladdin)

 Costume #3 for party #2 = Jem (minus the Hollograms)

I guess I'm going to have to get some more made before I leave.  I already know what Jess and I are going to be next year...muhahaha. 

In other news, my wedding dress has arrived.  It is a beaut, but will need lots of altering.  I would be lying if I said I loved it right when I tried it on...I'm not the visionary Stephanie is.  Once she came over and pulled some fabric here and there it was a different dress, the one I ordered!  It also didn't help that I was alone trying it on.  What girl fantasizes about going dress shopping alone?  This is one of the times I wish I was closer to my family and friends.

Two lovely ladies at my school are throwing us an engagement party later on in the month.  November is shaping up to be busy.  My birthday, Jess and I are going to Beijing the following weekend, an engagement party, and Turkey day. 

I will try to get better at blogging for all my 3 followers out there.  This week I want to record and post my testimony.  We listened to a great sermon yesterday that totally challenged me to how others see me and if I am bursting with the Holy Spirit.  Until blessed! 


Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Running Amok in Cambodia

Wanted to put these pictures up but don't have time to write captions and a summary now.  Thank you for being patient. :)

Beijing with Beth

The first weekend in August I met up with my lovely cousin, Beth.  She's been living in Japan for two years and was on her way back to the States. It was so fun to see her and catch up.  We spent hours laughing and comparing stories of living overseas.  It was such a treat to have someone I love so much visit.  Here are some pictures from our fabulous weekend:

 Playing around at the Temple of Heaven

 Temple of Heaven
 The Chinese believe this tree radiates good energy
 My favorite thing to do is people watch at the Temple of Heaven early in the morning.  This man was getting his groove on.
 Writing poems on the walkways.
 Wish I could read it...
 Tuk-tuk ride to the hutong hostel
 Beth was so excited for some Grandma's Kitchen (Western food!!!)
 Some men playing mah-jong at a local park we passed by.
 This man was adorable...he did this all through the Olympics and he asked people to mail him the pictures they took. He had a whole book of all the people he met. 
Me and Whamo!

I leave you with Chinese air conditioning.