Wednesday, February 22, 2017


Friday, February 10th we went to the doctor for our weekly check-up.  He said Elea was large (of course she's a Scott baby) and comfortable in there. We left thinking we had another week of waiting. Fast-forward to Sunday morning, I woke up with cramps. At first I didn't think anything of it, but then I realized they were stronger and more frequent.  I told Jess and he went on a walk with Tae while I laid down. At around 10:30 we called Dr. Barini and told him we thought this was it, he said to go to the hospital when they were 5 minutes apart.  

I remember with Tae waiting in the hospital for what seems like forever, so I decided to wait until they were a little closer.  We called Keila to come stay with Tae, and Heather to watch Tae until Keila got here.  At this point the contractions were anywhere from 3-4 minutes apart.  As soon as Keila arrived we headed to the hospital.  

Once we arrived they were very close and getting more and more painful.  This time I knew what to expect, so I think I stayed calmer than I was with Tae.  I focused on my breathing and prayed a lot. I remember cursing/being mad at Adam & was because of them that childbirth was painful.  We waited for a room, because in Brazil most women opt for c-sections they have their rooms reserved it isn't very common to have a natural birth and therefore there weren't rooms ready.  Also, in Brazil you pay up front for everything so Jess had to go pay before they would place us. While I waited I went in a room with a few other pregnant women (who were getting c-sections) and continued on with my contractions.  Jess said they were a bit in shock at the pain I was in and probably wondering why I would want to do this. 

Finally we headed up to the room, but Elea was ready and wanted to come soon.  I barely remember being in my room before heading to the delivery room.  What I do remember is asking begging for the epidural. The wonderful doctor who gave me the epidural arrived and from then on it was smooth sailing.  

Dr. Barini, being the calming force he is, coached me through the delivery. A few pushes and my ears heard the beautiful baby cry.  Elea, and her full head of hair, was here. Healthy. Happy. And hungry.  They put her on my chest and I stared at her amazingly tiny features, marveled at how she held her own hands, and laughed at how much hair she had. She made her way to my breast and nursed for a few minutes before they took her for tests and a bath. 

12:38 PM, our lives changed for the better.  We are now a family of 4. Elea Holbrook Kuemmerlin entered our world in a flash.  Everything about her is beautiful, our God's hand is evident in her and we can't wait to see what He has in store for her.  

For You formed my inward parts; You wove me in my mother's womb. I will give thanks to You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Wonderful are Your works, And my soul knows it very well. Psalm 139: 13-14

Thursday, February 2, 2017


On Sunday we visited a little farm in the country, it's been raining a lot here lately so we took advantage of a beautiful day.  Tae loves to sign about, imitate, and say all the animals' names so we thought he would love a farm.  We were mostly right, although it took him awhile to not cling to us.  His favorite part was "fishing", he didn't even fish but he loved watching people catch fish.  At the end I gave him a twig and he was so proud of himself because he thought he was fishing.

One the way home Jess ran into the store to get some groceries and I let Tae sit in the driver's seat.  I think he liked it, what do you think? 

It seems like every time I turn around Tae has learned something new, sometimes naughty and always cute.  The other night I was laying down while playing with Tae and he crawled up on the table.  He knew he wasn't supposed to, but I was too preggo to get up so of course I grabbed my phone and filmed his cuteness. 

Tae's next trick is a quasi-somersault. He randomly started doing it one day, I'm not even sure where he learned it.