Wednesday, November 30, 2016


I've said it before, and I'll say it forever, we love Rio.  It was so great to take Jess' parents for a little peek into why we love Brazil so much.  We didn't pack our schedule, in fact we really just hung out on the beach, ate great food, and went to Sugarloaf. It was a perfect blend of family time and relaxation.  Having family in town is so special, we tried to soak up each moment and Tae definitely bonded with Mi and Grandpa. 

The trip up Sugarloaf 
Safe in Dada's arms 
Tae telling Grandpa to, "Sit" 

Another picture mom? 

Just keeping it real...

The original Kuemmerlin clan (minus Benn and plus Tae) 

Tae touching the statue's "boom boom"

Keila and Tae posing in the original cable car (there is NO WAY I would have gone in that!) 

November is normally the rainy season, but we lucked out on the weather.  Although it was a bit overcast for two days, at least it didn't rain! Also that didn't stop us all from getting sunburned.  It's safe to say Ginger and Al enjoyed the weather and the beach Brazilian style. They tried grilled cheese, caipirinhas, acai, Globo, Uruguayan sandwiches, coconut water, fresh juice, Mate and Lemonade, and all our other food favorites. 

Beach day! 

Exploring the beach 

Mr. Beach Bum 

Checking out the waves 

The last time we took Tae to the beach he wasn't as mobile, he basically sat in the little pool and crawled around. This time he explored a little more. He loved everything about the beach, the sand, the water, the beach chairs, burying (and finding) feet, eating Globos, or just hanging out.  Our little beach bum sure made us laugh a few times.  Having a kid definitely changes your beach schedule, we were at the beach before 8:00 AM everyday which meant we had it all to ourselves for a few hours. 

Family pictures 

Jess and his parents 

Ginger trying a caipirinha 

This is us

Playing with Mi 

Wearing Dada's hat 

Up and at 'em, bright and early 

A true Carioca and his Globos 

Sunday, November 13, 2016


Tae loves to dance, especially with Jess or me. The other day Jess and Tae were dancing and Tae grabbed the hats. It was too perfect not to snap a shot or two (or video).  I love watching their bond grow stronger and stronger, and am so thankful Tae has such an incredible dad to look up to. 

Coloring (marking) is Tae's newest obsession.  He is constantly carrying a pen/marker/piece of chalk around. He is pretty good at keeping all marks on paper, but inevitably ends up with marks all over his body. 

Last weekend we spent all of Saturday at a Churrasco with friends from work.  The kids had fun playing and the adults had fun talking and chasing after the littles. These ladies have become a light in my life and I am thankful for their friendships. Being a mom is hard, but sharing it with other moms makes it a little easier.

Today was a lazy day, the rain continued to pour all day and it was windy and cold.  Neither of us (who am I kidding--Jess) didn't feel like cooking, so we got some Pizza Hut.  Tae wasn't too sure about it at first, but then we couldn't get the piece out of his little death grip.

Our little guy loves to snuggle. Right before bed the other night he laid on my chest and was just staring off. It seems like just yesterday his whole body fit right on my chest.  This morning Jess took a little snooze while we watched some Netflix. 

One last little video...Tae's vocabulary is growing so much. It is a mix of Portuguese and English. Every day when we come home from Keila has him share his new words.  Being the mature parent I am, these two have been on repeat for a few days now.