Sunday, March 19, 2017


My Sweet Boy, 

You are turning 2 on Sunday and my mind can't help but think back to the moment I first held you in my arms. You captivated my heart from the first second and my love has only grown since then. You've grown so much since your first birthday and each day is so fun to watch you learn and take on the world. You started walking, talking in both Portuguese and English, and your personality has blossomed. 

You truly are the happiest little boy, you bring a smile to everyone's face that you come into contact with. Your laugh is has changed throughout the year depending on your mood and the moment-- from a tee-hee-hee innocent laugh, a hearty belly laugh, to an almost evil cackle.  When you laugh you make yourself laugh even more.  Your smile lights up your eyes and you get high dimples on your cheeks that melt my heart.  I can't help but smile when you laugh at something because your laugh is contagious. You have a smile on from the moment you wake up until we lay you down to sleep.

You are a sensitive soul. When an animal or someone on the TV gets hurt you show empathy with a big, "Oh no!!" and your hands on your cheeks. Every time we walk by the dance store, you exclaim, "Oh no!" because the mannequins are missing their heads.  You aren't scared to make friends, you will hold anyone's hand and walk with them on our daily walks. I pray that you continue to have and show empathy for others. This world is full of people who are different than you, but we are all human and trying the best we can. Be kind, you never know what someone else is going through. 

Last year I learned so much from being a mama, and again I go back to what God is teaching me as your mamae. Our relationship has continued to mirror God's and our relationship.  No matter what you do or how mad I am at you, I love you and want the best for you. I can't help but forgive you , just like our heavenly father forgives us. I also am learning to be consistent when I discipline you. God disciplines us because of his love for us, and I discipline you for the same reason. Through being your mom I have come to appreciate God's love for us even more than before.

I want to thank you for helping me grow as a person. I stick to what I said last year, being a mom is the hardest thing I've ever done, yet the most amazing.  You have taught me how to be patient, be consistent, show my emotion and hold it back when appropriate, humility, and how to be selfless.  I'm still working on all these things, and promise I will always try to better myself for you and Elea.  You both have stretched my heart beyond what I thought capable. When you fall, my heart stops. When you succeed my heart swells with pride.  When you learn something new I am astounded at how your little brain absorbs everything.  

Now for some things that you have done/are doing that I want to share with you.  You still sleep in your crib, and boy do you love sleep.  You are content just sitting in there to wait for us to get you in the morning.  You love our friends, Jenn and Josh, you get so happy on Sunday Linners.  You are starting imaginary play--feeding your stuffed animals, playing with your cars, and cleaning the house (you call this Alice after the apartment's cleaning lady). You love Tico and Pete, the two men who bring our water, you scream, "Tae, Tae, Tae" when you see them because they do this too.  You love to be outside, so we go on family walks almost daily.  While we walk you LOVE to stop and explore.  You are the sweetest big brother, you search for Elea every time you wake up, enter the apartment, or move to another activity.  You help get her diapers and give her kisses.  You still love books, Bita is your current favorite. You point out all the details on each page, or you breeze through it not caring about the story or the details.  You love to dance, and you put your own little spin on it--either with a stomp of the foot or a Brazilian point.  You do so much more, but those are some of the things that stick out and I don't want to forget.

This next year has a lot of change on the horizon and I know you will handle it like a champ. You constantly amaze us with your aptitude to pick up new things. We love you to the moon and back.  Te Amo Amor!


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