Wednesday, March 22, 2017


Two weeks ago mom and dad came to visit us, let's be honest they came to meet the little princess Elea and get some hang time with Tae. We know they don't like to travel long distances, so we are super appreciative of their sacrifice to be here with us.  Their mom's trip didn't start out that great after having two glasses of wine spilled on her and sitting in wet pants the entire flight.  Then she almost got sick on the ride from the airport to apartment.  However, we were waiting for them on the street in front of our apartment and I hope our warm welcome made their journey worth it.

Both mom and dad were under the weather, dad with a hacking cough and mom with what we came to find out, vertigo. She also ended up catching dad's cough.  With their ailments and a newborn, we pretty much hung out at home the whole time.  We took a few walks and went to lunch a few days, but other than that we stayed at home.

Tae absolutely loved having his Poppy and Grammy here.  He was his usual happy self and was just glad to have a few more people in his audience. Elea charmed them with her cuteness and hair. This time is just so fun to watch two of the people we love most build a relationship with our two kiddos. Tae still asks about Poppy and Grammy, and has affectionately named two of his bath toys (a whale and a crab) after them.

We did manage to pull of a churrasco at our good friends' Pierre and Marina's house for Tae's 2nd birthday.  We invited a few people and Tae was in heaven. He loved being outside and couldn't decide on what thing to play with first.  Pierre's granddaughters ended up coming and Tae had a ball coloring under the lights and eating (his first!) cookie. We all gorged ourselves on all types of meat and of course, grilled cheese and garlic bread. 

Living so far from family is bittersweet, we love the life we have here but we miss our family and friends daily.  It was so great to have a piece of our hearts here.  We spent the days talking, laughing, beating dad in Quirkle, eating, going on walks, playing with the kids, and just enjoying being together.  Thanks mom and dad for your visit, we miss you already! Love you!

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