Sunday, January 1, 2017


I love to take time and reflect on our year, I am always surprised at how much I forget! This year was no different and has us looking forward to 2017 even more.  Basically our year in review includes lots of beach trips, family and friend time, some travel, new jobs for next year, and an addition to our family!


Beaching it in northern Brazil 

Beautiful Bahia, Brazil 

Learning to pull up on everything 

Hands in the air on cue...

Music classes 
Getting assisted walking down 


Made it to Iguazu Falls

Took a helicopter ride over the falls 

Still not walking

All things books...

Date night at Forneiro 


The night before his 1st birthday 

Our baby turned 1!
Birthday balloon wake up

Celebrating one year!  

Easter Sunday 


Flying home to see Grammy and Poppy 

Contrary to the picture, not a fun flight.  It happens 

We hung with Grammy and Poppy for spring break 
Greenville Zoo 

I took a trip to the Dominican Republic for an accreditation visit. 

Back where I belong
Kristi came to visit!  Linners were started.

Found a new place in the neighborhood

Date nights.

Jess cooked for Keila and her girls, Tae loved playing with them. 

Lots of laughs with dada 


I had a girls weekend in Rio with dear friends 

We supported Jess from the stands at graduation.  The seniors chose him to speak, it was an inspiring speech.

Jess DJed the end of the year teacher party

The start of cousin/family time.  Grace and Tae in Denver. 

We let everyone in on our news (we're pregnant!) 
Tae rode his first horse in Olathe, Colorado.  Thanks Jori!

Grandma Tutu and Tae
Lots of family time!

Breckenridge, CO 

We met and played with Mason. 
T and T had a blast together.

Tae enjoyed Colorado 


All the sissies met up in Colorado Springs!
Jess surprised me with a couples massage at the Garden of the God's Country Club for our 4th anniversary 

Tae got his first haircut, he actually didn't mind it!
Tae lavished everyone with hugs 
Seriously, no one was safe

Lots of cousin time

Play all day in the sun and hangout at night


We took countless walks around the hood 

We made our official Facebook announcement that we are expecting.


I hosted a churrasco for Jess' birthday

Celebrated Jess' birthday 


We celebrated Malu's birthday and Tae and I survived a week without Dada (on an accreditation visit) 

Went as a hippie family to the EAC Halloween Festival 

Another birthday party for Tae's friend, Natalia

Churrascos with work ladies ( + their hubbies and kiddos) 

We celebrated my birthday with a breakfast for dinner night with close friends

We accepted jobs at our dream school, Shekou International School.  The Lord is great! 

We escaped for a day date to celebrate our new jobs

Enjoyed Ipanema with Mi and Fafa

Caught some rays in Rio 

Enjoyed our week with Mi and Fafa

Learned to like his sock monkey 

My amazing friends showered Elea (and me!) we love
Took an eventful trip to see Santa 

Tae got his first stitches after a fall...3 above his right eye
A family that swims together, stays together.

Vacationed a week in Riviera for Christmas

Ended the year with an ultrasound of our little girl.  

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