Friday, December 30, 2016


Living abroad we truly miss our family and friends all the time, but we especially miss them during Christmas time.  We planned to go home for Christmas this year, but with being preggo with baby Elea and a long flight we didn't go. Instead we made plans to go to a beach for a week with Keila and her family.  Neither of Keila's girls had ever been to the beach, so it was a fun trip.


Christmas Eve is Ana Luiza's birthday, so Jess made her day special by grilling picanha and getting a cake for her.  We also got her a little gift.  She said it was a birthday she won't forget!

Christmas morning we woke up and gave some presents to Keila, Ana Luzia, and Lolo.  After that we headed to the beach for a glorious day of sun and sand.

Each day we started out at the beach, then Tae would come in and nap and we would then go out to the pool at our apartment complex.  It was a toss up for which Tae liked better, he loved the beach but the foot pool was a close second! 

It was an amazing week of relaxation, it was so fun to watch Tae play on the beach and in the waves. The first day he wasn't so sure of everything, he clinched us tight when we held him in the water.  By the last day he was running out into the waves with no reserve (close to us!).

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