Tuesday, December 27, 2016


The last week of school I got a text from Keila while I was eating lunch.  I was a little surprised because she doesn't normally text throughout the day so I checked it.  She was nervous because he fell, she is very protective of him and I thought she was just overreacting. I asked her to send me a picture and immediately knew he needed stitches.  I rushed to find Jess and we headed home to get our little guy. 

The situation

We took him to the hospital and it was smooth as can be. Tae cried immediately when he saw a doctor, I think he has bad memories of doctors ingrained in his mind from vaccines.  When it was time to get the stitches it was not fun at all, to be honest I cried just as much as Tae. It was the most helpless feeling, I just wish I could have taken all his fear, pain, and anxiety away. At the same time I thought how fortunate we are that Tae is healthy overall and it wasn't life threatening in any way.   

He fell asleep right before the doctor came in to stitch him up

Poor little guy 
After a 3 hour nap to get over his trauma Tae woke up as his happy go lucky self. We covered it with a bandaid following doctor's orders, although he didn't warn us it would be like wrestling a greased pig.

We got his stitches out a week later (had to postpone our beach trip for a day) and our little guy is as good as new.  I'm sure this isn't the last trip to the ER, but pray that it is. 

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