Monday, December 19, 2016

SANTA 2016

We took two trips to the mall to see Santa this year, I had a feeling Tae wasn't going to be as chill as he was last year. The first trip we just went around and looked at all the decorations, and the next we committed and took a seat next to the big guy.  The first trip he loved all the decorations, but was a bit leary so we had to hold him and bring him to them.  We took a quick walk past Santa and didn't really get a reaction.

On the next visit, I told Jess we are getting a picture with Santa even if he cries. Tae loved the teddy bear before Santa, so we thought we were going to be in the clear.

 Nope.  We were wrong. Didn't want to be anywhere near him. I'll let the series of pictures speak for themselves.

It's funny because he constantly walks around pointing at anything Christmas related and says, "Ho ho ho."  He carries/drags a Santa around everywhere he goes.  We figured he would love Santa, when will I learn not to expect things. :) 

Phew.  What a day. He must have been traumatized because he fell asleep in the car! 

And just for the sake of comparison...

Christmas 2015 

Christmas 2016 

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