Thursday, January 19, 2017


Dear Tae,

I'm horrible at keeping up with this little old blog and your monthly updates.  I realized the other day I need to keep myself accountable or else I forget all of your little milestones, your growth, and the fun we have on a daily basis.  I find myself constantly saying, this is my favorite stage, just to be proven wrong because the next one your in ends up being my favorite.  I think its safe to say I've learned so much from you over the past 22 months, but particularly to savor every moment. It seems like just yesterday the doctor was putting you on my chest in the delivery room and now you are a full blown toddler.

You are such a fun, happy, tender little guy.  You are always smiling and laughing, especially when you are dancing, outside, or coloring. You, like your mom, laugh at your own little jokes/actions. You are a cuddler and are in a stage where you only want your mamãe, I think you realize that something is up and things are about to change in your world. You are our little sponge, absorbing everything we say or do. We are so glad you made us parents and can't wait to see what your future holds.

Here are some "stats and facts" about your life since your last monthly update:

  • You understand and speak both Portuguese and English.  
  • English words you can say: dada, cat, please, shoes, color, blue, banana, sheep, bird, cheese, Santa, bye bye
  • Portuguese words you can say: mamãe, vaca, pé, lava mão,  mais, menina, não quero (you leave off the o), pular, macaco, piexe, barba (borboleta), papa, tia 
  • Favorite songs: Row, Row, Row Your Boat, Roda, Roda, Roda, Hokey Pokey, Wheels on the Bus, Old McDonald
  • You are a pretty good eater, but definitely love routine.  If we try to feed you a little early you don't eat anything 
  • You taking baths, showers not so much.  You play with dunks and trucks in the bath. 
  • Car rides are so fun with you, you love to sing and look all around. Sometimes you don't like to get buckled in.
  • You are obsessed with coloring--crayons, markers, pens you name it, you use it  
  • You always have something in your hands and have been known to walk around with 2-3 things 
  • You're a jumper, you jump up and down but then wag your finger and tell us "no pular" in the bed. 
  • Walks around the neighborhood are pretty much your favorite thing ever.  
  • You don't like to have dirty hands, but love jumping in puddles of water. 
  • You absolutely loved the beach, you were fearless and ran right into the water.  
  • Lately, you love when your dada becomes a bear and chases you before bedtime 
  • You still like books, but not as much as you used to 
  • Favorite books: Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site, Goodnight Stinky Face, The Boy Who Lost His Name

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Natika said...

Yeah, he's adorable. :)