Monday, June 5, 2017


READING: Dad is Fat by Jim Garrigan and Hallelujah Anyway Rediscovering Mercy by Anne Lamott.  Also, countless children's books with Tae and Elea.  Some of my current favorites are The Boy Who Lost His Name and some Portuguese ones.

WATCHING: My babies grow up to fast.  Tae is dancing all the time and Elea is trying to figure out how to roll over.  Watching Tae love on his sister is joy to my heart. Also, I've been watching Jess work his tail off on his business.

LISTENING TO: Cotton Eye Joe, I Like to Move It, Who Let the Dogs Out?, and What Does the Fox Say?  All could be considered forms of torture, but Tae is just too dang cute dancing and singing to them so I don't mind if my ears bleed from the horrible tunes.

Also listening to Elea coo and talk her little head off.  Her little voice is so sweet and she can really get loud.

WISHING: Time would slow down. Tae is at such a fun age, as is Elea.  I also am enjoying our last few weeks in Brazil.  Jess and I are getting in all the date nights/days we can and soaking up the time with Keila and her girls, as well as our friends.  This lifestyle is amazing and we are blessed to be living it, but the goodbyes are never fun.

LOVING: My new lipstick and haircut.  Also, loving the cooler weather we've been having.

HAPPENING: Lots of packing and organizing.  Our movers come in a week so we are purging, sorting, and packing all our stuff.

LOOKING FOWARD TO: Seeing my family and friends. Not looking forward to the flight home with two little ones and all our luggage.

THINKING: How incredibly blessed we are. God has given us good health and enabled us to do the things we love in a beautiful country. I am feeling all kinds of sentimental as we wrap up our time in Brazil.

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