Tuesday, June 13, 2017


We love our neighborhood and the people in it. It's no secret we go on lots of family walks, so it wasn't long before we befriended workers at our frequent stops.  On Saturday we took a walk to say goodbye to the people that have become a daily part of our lives.  

Right on the corner of our street is a gas station, the attendants are always so sweet with Tae 

The fish monger, many a good meals were cooked because of him. Sadly, his dad wasn't there to get in the picture. 

Julio and his son, Junior, at the Saturday market 

Ready to go spirals of any and all vegetables.

The best meat in town and by far the best service

The sweet lady at our favorite market, she asks me about the kids every time I go in

Fruiteria's owner

Sviha de carne...yum. 


Our old apartment building, where we started our lives in Brazil (and together!)

Tae and the girls playing with bubbles at the Hippie Fair 

Our sweet boy outside of Massa Pura

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