Thursday, February 2, 2017


On Sunday we visited a little farm in the country, it's been raining a lot here lately so we took advantage of a beautiful day.  Tae loves to sign about, imitate, and say all the animals' names so we thought he would love a farm.  We were mostly right, although it took him awhile to not cling to us.  His favorite part was "fishing", he didn't even fish but he loved watching people catch fish.  At the end I gave him a twig and he was so proud of himself because he thought he was fishing.

One the way home Jess ran into the store to get some groceries and I let Tae sit in the driver's seat.  I think he liked it, what do you think? 

It seems like every time I turn around Tae has learned something new, sometimes naughty and always cute.  The other night I was laying down while playing with Tae and he crawled up on the table.  He knew he wasn't supposed to, but I was too preggo to get up so of course I grabbed my phone and filmed his cuteness. 

Tae's next trick is a quasi-somersault. He randomly started doing it one day, I'm not even sure where he learned it.  


Patricia said...

I absolutely loved this. How cute is that he smiles while knows he is doing something naughty. Hahahhaha and that flip wow! Loved your farm pictures dear !

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