Sunday, October 30, 2016


Although it doesn't feel like fall here that didn't stop us from forcing some fall traditions.  While Brazil is lacking on the pumpkin obsession (pumpkin patches, pumpkin spice latte, pumpkin muffins, etc) we didn't let that stop us!  While Jess was in Rio for a weekend Tae and I undertook painting pumpkins.  

It was the first time that he was unleashed to paint, normally he sits in his high chair and paints on a taped down paper. Let's just say he enjoyed his freedom and showed he wasn't satisfied with the plain white walls.  

It's safe to safe he was more interested in sneaking a streak anywhere other than the pumpkin and checking out the multitude of colors on his body.  The painting probably lasted all of five minutes and then he wanted to play with his water table.  

Yesterday was the school's annual Halloween festival.  This year we decided the world needs more peace and love, so we went as a family of hippies.  I tie dyed the shirts the day before, they turned out subpar but overall I think we pulled it together.  

Tae enjoyed climbing all over the playground and running around the gym prior to the parade.  He was in awe of the beautiful trees all around campus, ate meat on a stick, and charmed his way through all the crowds.  Overall, it was a success. Happy Halloween! 

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